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Diana & Artur

Photos from our wedding with Artur are amazing. You caught so many important moments, smiles, tears, feelings for which we are very grateful to you ... Filmed the celebration from such angles, thanks to you we can see what we didn’t notice on the wedding day .. You captured our quivering feelings, and therefore these photos so special ... I generally keep quiet about the color and processing of photos, you did it the way I wanted, I liked it very much.

Artur and I are just happy that we chose you, that we entrusted our valuable Memories to you. Thank you for treating us with such responsibility, in our day)))


Antastasia & Roman

We sincerely thank you for such cool photos, you captured really bright and sincere moments of our wedding. The first days, I looked at photos from morning to evening. I'm just delighted with them, they're really cool. It was even difficult for me to choose which ones to post on Instagram, because I think I would have chosen all of them) this is definitely not the end of my wedding photo spam)

Wedding Day_1059.jpg

Albina & Gabriel

Thank you for covering so many kilometers for our wedding! You conquered all the hearts of my Italian family with your kind heart and sincere smile) It is obvious to everyone that you are a professional and work very dedicatedly and courageously, but for me, a lover of photography, it is very important! You are well done and you have a great future in career growth, which we wish you to achieve as soon as possible. Thank you for saving this day for us)


Amina & Davide

I looked at the photos) And I can say that I was not mistaken in choosing a photographer that day. The photos are gorgeous. Instead of a thousand words, I'll just say that I cried while watching them. I don't know how, but in them you conveyed everything that I wanted. I didn't even think that this was possible. And we never made a mistake in the location, that's exactly it. Honestly, I'm glad the car didn't start, otherwise it wouldn't have been the right photo) I'm damn grateful to you. It's amazing how you can stop time at the right moment. You are very talented) Continue to develop and further. I am sure that this is clearly not the last photo session with you)


Ivanna & Andriy

it's a delight! What colors!! how beautiful it is, in some photos you can't believe that it's us)) It feels like someone painted us and made us better than we usually see ourselves)) and it's you!! We are so glad that we chose you!!!! We are just bursting with happiness! I still don't know how to put all my thoughts together to explain to you how I like it, all the shadows, all the blurs, black and white photos and glare from the sun and just rays, your work is WOW!!!! You did everything perfectly and even better! We have already sent the photo to all relatives and everyone is delighted!))))))


Elvira & Adam

Thank you for the wonderful shots, for all the sincere moments that you did not miss, I can only say one thing
we did not make a mistake with the photographer.
We are very pleased with your work and our guests even more so. You are a good photographer as well as a wonderful person. We found conect with you from the very morning, and this is very important for me. I'm sure that's why we took such good pictures that day.

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